Donyngs IBC

East Surrey's "Centre of Bowling Excellence"


Chairman - Roger Battley
Company Secretary/Treasurer - John Hoad
Director - Richard Edwards
Director - John Elwood
Director - John Tucker
Director - Ralph Wycherley
Director - Jean Taylor
Director - Ken Chivers
Director - Gillian Murphy


Joint Committee

Secretary - Elaine Charlton
Treasurer - John Hoad
Membership Secretary - Ralph Wycherley
League Secretary - John Tucker
Chief Green Steward - Martha Devlin
Competition Secretary - Keith Measures


Men's Section

Captain - Roy Wilkins*
Vice Captain - John Kujawski
Vice Captain - Quentin Smith
Secretary - Brian Sabey*
Match Secretary - David Humphreys*
Committee Member - Rob Hobart
Committee Member - Roger Lanham
Committee Member - Neil Dimmock
* on the Joint Committee


Ladies' Section

Captain - Ruth Smith*
Vice Captain - Jane King
Vice Captain - Janet Exall
Secretary - Pat Oakley*
Committee Member - Val Hobart
Committee Member - Peggy Baughan
Committee Member - Janet Colliss
* on the Joint Committee


In addition to the above there is a Catering sub-committee (appointed by the Directors) and a Social Activity sub-committee (appointed by the Joint Committee). There is a Coaching Co-ordinator with a team of qualified coaches, a Child Protection Officer and a Health and Safety Officer. The club is run solely by members, and volunteers are always welcomed.